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Origin, Kutch of Gujarat and Jodhpur region of Rajasthan. Considered to be most ancient breed of India. The cows in the sculptures of Stone Age are believed to be of Kankrej cow. Attractive stout long horns give a typical shape to this breed. It’s one of the most handsome Indian breeds. In Maharashtra it is or was known as Nandi.



Originates from west Rajasthan. It has very attractive skin of brown and white or black and white colour mixture. This breed had developed by the mixture of Sahiwal, Sindhi and Tharparkar. Rathi bulls work continuously for 10 hours even in hot climate. It can walk in deserts comfortably with sizeable luggage.



Originates from Sahiwal district of Pakistan. Highest milk yielding breed among Indian cow breeds. Sahiwal can withstand extreme temperature due to its special skin. Secretion from the skin repels insects and pests. Disease resistance is good.



Origin, Gir forest in Sourashtra, Gujarat. One of
Indias ancient breeds. Most popular Indian breed.
Excellent disease resistance, cleverness,
responding well to the affection shown by its
owner etc. are its specialties. Broad convex
forehead, red-speckled red colour, long
pendulous ears etc. are its characteristics.



Originates, Sholapur of Maharashtra and
Vijayapura region of Karnataka. Extremely
hardy and well acclimatised. Keeping
Khillar pair is a prestige issue for the
farmers of this region.