What is “Indian Zebu”?

A zebu, sometimes known as indicine cattle or humped cattle...


Can I increase or decrease the milk subscription?

Yes of-course, you can. Please SMS/WhatsApp/EMAIL...

us 24 hours in advance so that we can plan out the changes accordingly.

What is the fat % IN the “Indian Zebu Milk”?

The fat percentage (%) of “Indian Zebu Milk” ranges between 4/5 and...

can reach up to 6 also. It would not be consistent daily, as we do not perform any processing post extracting the milk.


Not yet, but Indian Zebu milk ghee is amazing as all the natural fat content is present in it. Ghee ...

made of Indian cow milk is extremely magical and healthy for families and is sold at minimum Rs. 3000/kg. We have seen a brand selling it at Rs. 5000/kg.

Is “Indian Zebu Milk” a product of genetically engineered cows?

A big NO. Our cows are of native origin. We have different yet best of the Indian ...

breeds like Kankrej, Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi&Khillar. One of the objective if this initiative is to conserve the Indian cow breeds and avoid cross breeding with the imported breeds. We do not delve in AI. We have best Indian bulls to ensure that the cows conceive naturally.

Why should you choose “Indian Zebu Milk”?

We propose below 12 reasons for it - ...

1. “Indian Zebu Milk” is a perfect mix of milk from best of the Indian cow breeds - Sahiwal, Kankrej, Gir, Rathi, Khillar. No other farm can boast of so many Indian Breeds. The synergy formed is extremely magical

2. “Indian Zebu Earthen Bottle”, to retain the milk in its most fresh and purest form. The earthen bottle is non-toxic, natural, can be recycled, and handcrafted by one of the best artisans. Ours is a first milk brand which has come up with the milk packed in an earthen bottle.

3. “Indian Zebu Milk” is delivered fresh within 24 hours post extraction. The reduced handling of milk helps us retain its freshness and purity.

4. A2 benefits of Indian cow milk is no more a secret anymore. Many renowned companies have already launched their A2 milk brands.

5. Ours is a pastoral farm. Our cows graze in open jungle (without any air, sound or water pollution) and also are fed with an organic fodder. Magical herbs like Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Chandrashoor, and Rajgira are part of the daily feed of our cows.

6. Our cows are not injected with growth hormones or any other heavy medical dosages. Highest emphasis is on preventive care. The milk from ill cows is not mixed with the final milk to be delivered to our clients.

7. Our farm has an eco-friendly setup. Minimal use of plastics, chemicals, cement, diesel etc. helps reduce the carbon footprint, making our milk all the more pure and healthy.

8. Our Transparency/Quality policy is at its best. On demand we are ready to perform milk tests at our esteemed client’s doorstep (Two clients per week). The test performed will be - Adulteration test for (water, starch, formalin, urea, Vanaspati, soap/detergent, any other chemical).

9. Non-Homogenized/Non-Pasteurized, raw milk in its most pure form. As natured always intended it to be.

10. A highly trained and efficient team - to ensure that the health and hygiene of the milk in particular and cows and farm in general is maintained to highest standards.

11. The product is certified by FSSAI. Work on organic certification of “Indian Zebu Milk” is also “work in progress” and we will soon get it.

12. Last but not the least - Support us conserve our precious Indian cow breeds.

What is “Indian Zebu Milk”?

“Indian Zebu Milk” is a PREMIUM milk brand launched by “Indigenous Zebu Farm LLP”...

a venture started with two-fold objective –

1. Delivering fresh, pure and healthy Desi/Indigenous cow milk to our esteemed clients.

2. Conserving the Indian cows of this Zebu family.

Ours is an EXTREMELY NICHE MILK BRAND with an extreme focus on milk freshness, purity, nutrition and hygiene. Our current capacity is 50 Litre’s a day and we do not want to increase it beyond 500 Litre’s in next 3 years.

Why do you use earthen bottles?

“Earth” resonates values like healing, humility, purity, generosity, originality These are the values based on which...

we have laid the foundation of “Indian Zebu Milk”. By delivering “Indian Zebu Milk” in earthen bottle to our esteemed clients we want to ensure that they consume it in its most original, fresh, purest natural form as is the “Earth” without any contamination and at the same time the product itself signifies our core values stated above. In literal sense we want our clients to believe that “Indian Zebu Milk, is the Milk that Heals”.

Last but not the least, Earth is organic, non-toxic, recyclable, eco-friendly, eliminates plastic/paper (cutting trees), harmless (unlike glass), doesn’t attract any odour and you can go on and on.

How do I order or subscribe to “Indian Zebu Milk”?

It’s very easy. You can order using any of the below options. In all the below options someone...

from our team will reach out to you and will work with you to get started.

#SMS/WhatsApp text “SUBSCRIPTION#Your_Full_Name#Your-cell-Number” @ cell number – 9112257400 / 9637957400 / 9158922786

#EMAIL - with subject line “SUBSCRIPTION#Your_Full_Name#Your-cell-Number”@ family@indianzebu.com

#WEBSITE - http://www.indianzebu.com - on the homepage at the bottom there is a subscription form. Enter the text in the subject line - “SUBSCRIPTION#Your_Full_Name#Your-cell-Number”. Enter any additional details and hit submit.

What are the health benefits of consuming “Indian Zebu Milk” a pure Desi Cow milk?

It is a well-established fact that pure desi/indigenous cow milk greatly benefits...

human health. Some of the health benefits are listed below -

1. After mother’s milk, only cow’s milk gives energy, full protection and is digestible for infants.

2. As per Ayurveda, cow Ghee helps in the growth and development of Children’s brain.

3. Regular consumption increases good (HDL) cholesterol and reduces bad (LDL) cholesterol.

4. It stimulates digestion and aids absorption of fat soluble vitamins.

5. It is an excellent all round anti-ageing complete food & external applicant on the skin.

6. It is like nectar, because it has amino acids which make its protein easily digestible.

7. A rich source of Vitamins like B2, B3, D & A which increases immunity & removes calcium deficiencies.

8. Pure milk is well-known in reducing acidity, (a common problem today).

9. Reduces chances of peptic ulcer.

10. It is one of the best natural anti-oxidants.

What are the different subscription plans available?

We do not have any specific subscription plans as such. “Indian Zebu Milk” can be...

subscribed for minimum of one month. Post one month you can continue as long as you wish. Or you can close it whenever you wish to. But one month base period is necessary to complete

What are the payment options ?

You can pay deposit / monthly bills using any of the below options....

1. # Net Banking / NEFT / IMPS tansfers -

Bank details :

Account Name - Indigenous Zebu Farm LLP

Account Number - 337805000224

IFSC Code - ICIC0003378

2. #PAYTM QR Code -- We will provide QR code on request.

3. #InstaMojo - use the url to make online payment


I need only half litre a day, is there a subscription plan for the same?

We do not deliver in a 1/2 litre bottle yet. But yes,...

we have suitable subscription plan where you will get 1 litre “Indian Zebu Milk” home-delivered in the morning on alternate days.

What if I break the “Earthen” bottle?

The Earthen, “Indian Zebu Bottle” that we have come up with is hand-crafted by an extremely skilled artisan and is...

shipped from outside Maharashtra.Minute details have been observed to ensure that the material used is extremely nature friendly and organic. A lot of research has gone into it before we could finalize it. The sole objective behind using such an earthen bottle was to ensure that the milk delivered to our client is absolutely pure & fresh and maintains its original freshness at the time it was extracted.

Naturally it’s expensive. The cost of this hand-crafted bottle is ₹1000/-

There are two options here.

Option I: If our esteemed customer makes an advance payment of a month, then in this case we will NOT charge any deposit for the bottle. In case the bottle is damaged at customers end then we will use this advance payment to compensate for the cost of the bottle.

Option II: If the customer is not willing to make a monthly advance payment then in this case the customer is required to pay ₹ 1000/- as one time deposit against the safety of the bottle. In case the bottle is damaged at customer’s end then we will use this deposit money to compensate for the cost of the bottle. And the customer can make the monthly milk subscription payment at the end of the month. When the customer intends to close the subscription - this deposit will be returned at the time of the closure.

Please note – the deposit/advance money will only be used to compensate for the cost of the bottle IN CASE the damage happens due to the handling of the customer. If there is the problem with the bottle when our delivery boy is delivering it, then in this case the customer will not be charged.

What is the price of 1 litre of “Indian Zebu Milk”?

Please contact us using any of the below ways-

#SMS/WhatsApp/Call – 9112257400 / 9637957400 / 9158922786

#EMAIL - family@indianzebu.com

What do I do with the empty bottle?

There are two options here –

Option I (Recommended): You remove the milk from the bottle and hand it over to the delivery boy then and there.

Option II: You remove the milk from the bottle. Rinse it with a clean water and keep it safe with you. The delivery boy will collect it from you the next day while delivering the milk.

Why is “Indian Zebu Milk” not as thick as regular milk ?

Actually the “Indian Zebu Milk” is quite thick in relation to its fat percentage (%) The thickness...

reduces only after the cream is removed. If you don’t remove the cream the milk will retain its thickness.

Other milk brands are able to retain the thickness because the milk is homogenized (Process to distribute the cream evenly across the milk so as to maintain consistent cream density levels). But then using the homogenized milk will not give you cream quality the way you will get with the non-homogenized milk.

The most ideal or best way to use Indian Zebu milk is –

1) Remove the cream, create a curd from this cream and make ghee from it.

2) The milk remaining post cream extraction should be ideally used for drinking purpose as its light and easy to digest.

This is how our forefathers used it for centuries.

* Ghee made of Indian cow milk is extremely magical and healthy for children and is sold at minimum ₹ 3000/kg. We have seen a brand selling it at ₹ 5000/kg.