*All photos, sounds and
videos are captured from our farm


Best of the
Indian cow breeds

Indian Zebu Milk is a perfect mix of milk from best of the
Indian cow breeds - Sahiwal, Kankrej, Gir, Rathi, Khillar.
No other farm can boast of so many Indian Breeds.


Indian Zebu
Earthen Bottle

Handmade earthen bottle to retain the milk in its most purest form.



Raw milk in its most purest form. As was consumed by our ancestors.

no medical dosage

No growth hormones No heavy medical dosages

High emphasis is on preventive care. Milk from ill cows is not used.


A highly trained and
efficient team

To ensure that the health and hygiene
of the cows, farm and milk in general is
maintained to the highest standards.


Organic fodder and
Open grazing

Our cows graze in the adjoining
forest area and are also fed organic


farm setup

Minimal use of plastics, chemicals,
cement, diesel etc. helps reduce the
carbon footprint, making our milk all
the more pure and healthy.


Benefits of Indian cow milk

Milk has always been regarded as
wholesome food. In addtion to this
the benefits of Indian Cow A2 milk
are no longer a secret. Many
renowned companies have already
launched their A2 milk.

Our pride
Our breeds

All our breeds are well acclimatised,
tick/disease-resistant,heat-tolerant and noted for
its high resistance to parasites, both internal and
external. They require less medical treatment,
which reduces the medical traces in the milk,
leading to keeping the milk in its purest form.

our breeds

Why Indian Zebu?

A Zebu, sometimes known as Indicine
cattle or humped cattle, is a species or
subspecies of domestic cattle
originating in South Asia.

The Zebus are well adapted to
withstanding high temperatures,
and are farmed throughout the
tropical countries.